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Updates! With this, Neocities escapes the bucket of "things I never touch twice."

The Spider pets page was updated a while ago. But I didn't make a post for it. There's a picture of one of our current pets. My photography skills suck, but it was still a perfect photo op.

There's also a new bit of writing: Clear. If you enjoy uncomfortable and navel-gazing writing, you will love this and all things to come! I should practice writing genres other than "horrible things happen just because." Even Lovecraft adding monsters to zest up his stories.


Inaugural post. The website's not even a skeleton. But it has a good femur, and that's what counts. Hopefully it will guilt me into doing things so I can keep posting them. Interesting things. I've been spending too much of the pandemic reading Hacker News and doing crosswords. But, I don't regret the crosswords.

The links at the top of the page will have stuff in the future. I'm not making their pages until there's actually something to post. The shame of knowing I send people to "404 not found" should drive me.

I'll start now.